THE Club Teens Participate in Annual Help the Hooch

 Our teen Club members learned the importance of giving back early this October. The campaign sponsored by Keep Columbus Beautiful Commission held its annual Help the Hooch for the community. The Keep the Columbus Beautiful Commission is an initiative where the entire Chattahoochee Valley comes to together to adopt smart environmental practices, promote litter-free communities, and protect our water supply. Our Club members gave Shirley B. Winston Park a nice needed face lift for their Help the Hooch project. 
BGCCV teams were divided to clean local park, Shirley B. Winston Park. The clean-up was organized by Tia Nick, president of the Keystone Club and 2016 Youth of the Year finalist and Dashana Douglas, representative of Torch Club.The organizers of the clean-up, Tia Nick and Dashana Douglas, are upcoming candidates for BGCCV's 2017 Youth of the Year. One component of the Youth of the Year is to be active in serving your community. Each candidate hopes their service through initiatives like Help the Hooch are captured in their race to become the next Youth of the Year. Our Character & Leadership program strives for Club members to reach their potential as citizens in the community. As stated in our missions we want each Club member to become a "responsible, caring, and productive citizen". 
 Help the Hooch
Help the Hooch 2
Help the Hooch 3
Help the Hooch