CarMax and KABOOM! Give J. Barnett Woodruff Members A Little Imagination

The CarMax Foundation and national nonprofit KaBOOM! unveiled its new Imagination Playground. Kids in military families often experience emotional impact when a parent is deployed or come home. This creative play set will let kids build anything they can imagine. The playground will help relieve stress and restore normalcy while making life a little more playful. 
Club members from the J. Barnett Woodruff received a new play set from the CarMax Foundation and national nonprofit KaBOOM! The play set was designed by kids, but built by volunteers from the local CarMax. A kickoff ceremony began at 3:00 in the afternoon to introduce the playground to Club members. The Imagination Playground is a a breakthrough play space that uses youth's imagination for unstructured and child directed play.  The Imagination Playground includes blue foam blocks, loose parts, play associates, and manipulable environment. Each piece from the Imagination Playground makes play more accessible to kids from military families which is all accomplished kids' imagination. 
 Carmax 2
Carmax 3
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